History on wheels

Auto restoration is something we're beyond passionate about! If you have a vintage car that needs a little, or a lot of work to restore it to its former glory, Art's Complete Automotive wants to help you make that happen.


If you have the means to hire someone to do your auto restoration, we know how careful you'll be in your decision. We would be too. We've had people from out-of-state come to us for auto restoration. Why? We're good at it.

Can we get the old girl back to her former glory? Getting an answer, and an estimate, costs you nothing!

We can restore cars from the ground up.

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From bumper to grill and points between

When it comes to auto restoration, Art's Complete Automotive has done it all. We've restored vintage vehicles to their original factory specifications, and we've tricked them out with contemporary after-market parts.


It's your vehicle, and your money. What you choose to do with both are entirely up to you! Visit our shop at 34 Southwest Avenue to see samples of our work.

Auto restoration:

  -  Custom body work

  -  Custom suspension work

  -  Fabrication

  -  Cosmetic repairs

  -  Engine work

  -  Existing parts cleaned

  -  Custom painting

  -  Frame repairs

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